Sunday, 27 May 2012

Palette Challenge - Spring & Summer 2012

I'm a little late jumping on this wagon, though believe me I started dreaming and planning as soon as Sarai and the Colette team announced the challenge back in early April. I really like the idea of this challenge as I want my sewing to create a wardrobe, not a bunch of clothes that don't really go with anything else and therefore get limited wear.

The main thing that slowed me down was the mood board, I have watched previous challenges and have loved seeing everyone's fancy boards and was determined to do the same. This resulted in downloading multiple programs, as surely it was the programs fault that nothing seemed to work as I thought it ought to, and lots of words that sound like 'trucking fell'. Several rage quits, more time than I care to admit and lots of tutorials later I have a mood boards that I am happy so share with you!

First of all even though I am in the Southern Hemisphere and we are heading into winter, I'm participating in the challenge with spring and summer in mind for a couple of reasons. As I am very new to sewing none of my pieces are going to be ready very fast so this gives me lots of time, and time is a wonderful thing. Also as a new sewer easy projects are what I have in mind, and although I am sure that there are winter projects that I could handle, shorts and simple tops are all I feel comfortable aiming at for now.

With that in mind here is my mood board.


  1. I love your mood board - great colours! I don't know about you but when I go into a fabric store I get carried away with the choice of colours and come away with such different things each time! Creating a board like this would really help with staying focussed.

  2. Thank you! I find the same thing, hopefully this will mean that I make things that will go together.

    And thank you also for my first comment :)

  3. Hello again, I meant to ask you what software you used to create the mood board? Given my slow pace of sewing I think I'd like to do a autumn/winter one now and plan my sewing in advance!

  4. Sorry for such a late reply, I used photoshop hoping that it would be user friendly which it is not (or it was user error but I'm going with it being the programs fault). I had to watch heaps of tutorials but they are pretty easy to find.