Wednesday, 1 May 2013

FO: Cradle Cardigan

Yay i have finally finished something!

Well actually i have finished a few things over the last few months but taking pictures is really hard. Particularly when going through the awkward moving from brown to blonde hair phase.

Please excuse the crappy single picture but it was taken at night just before the cardigan was posted off to the little cousin it was made for.

This is a cradle cardigan by Hannah Fettig. It is a great pattern and the videos that Hannah has made to accompany the pattern are a really great resource. I used Patrons Australia Dreamtime 4ply which is a really nice soft wool and some nice yellow buttons which look white in my crappy photo. I choose the colour scheme before the baby was born and therefore didn't know the sex but the little cousin turned out to be a little boy so it worked out really well. I can't wait to meet him and am so sad that it probably won't happen till Christmas time :(

There are a lot of firsts with the make, it is the first time I have made a garment, the first time putting buttons on and the first time using double point needles. And the dpns are the reason that making the cardigan took from Boxing Day till April to make. I had finished the body and the first sleeve but couldn't figure out how to bind off the sleeve using the magic loop method, it was just too tight. so after procrastinating for almost 2 months resigned myself to my fate. Funny thing is they are really quite easy and i have now finished another project using them and have started an attempt to knit socks.

Another thing keeping me busy lately is a new addition to our little family. Little Jasper arrived about a month or so ago and although it was a bit to adjust to for our other kitten Theodore, everyone is getting along just fine. Double kitten snuggles while i knit :)

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  1. This is so cute! It must have been so satisfying when you got it finished and sent off and I'm sure it'll be much loved!
    And Jasper is just gorgeous!