Saturday, 13 October 2012


I feel like I should explain why I haven't posted or sewn much since I started this blog.

I was really keen to start sewing even though it terrifies me, was making my apron and had heaps of plans and dream clothes to make.

Then one morning in April I woke up and could physically barely walk and had huge pain in my hip area. At first I though I had hurt myself or over did it but a week later and nothing had changed, in fact it seemed to be getting worse I couldn't even sit on the couch for pain. A couple of weeks later an orthopedic specialist told me that I had torn the lining of my hip joints and that I would probably have to have keyhole surgery to fix it, just needed a (turned out to be VERY painful) CT scan to confirm to diagnoses. At the next consult he said my worst fear, that the scan was clear and the he was "baffled" as to why I was in so much pain.

Many month, CT scans, bone scans, later the pain had only gotten worse. So while we were waiting to see the third specialist, we changed my diet. No more gluten or dairy (both are inflammatories). With the diet changes and seeing a kinesiologist things started to look better, my hips were out of alignment and so after only two sessions I could walk better though the pain remained. 

Then we saw the third specialist, I have Lyme disease. And my main symptom in chronic arthritis pain in my hips. Through more diet and lifestyle changes (no grains, dairy, sugar, or potatoes) I have now gotten to the point where although the pain is still with me every moment, it is no longer all consuming.

Thank you for listening,



  1. Hi Alex, What a traumatic time you've been through recently! In a way it must be a relief to know what it is, and to have some changes you can make to ease the pain. I hope the pain continues to lessen and you can get back to enjoying life - and doing some sewing and knitting of course!

    1. Hi Kathryn! It has made such a difference knowing what it is, it was a little scary there for a while. So glad that sewing and knitting are going to be back : )